Our Promise

When you buy a product from AOKO SU, you're joining our family. We take care of our fam. Every piece that is purchased - whether from us or one of our authorized stockists - is entitled to one complete restoration - on the house. 

Restoration includes, where possible, restoring the finish. Please see our tips for maintenance here. We understand that accidents happen. If you need a repair, let us know. We do reasonable repairs at cost. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Email : hello@aokosu.com


Jewelry Care

All of the variations of jewelry that we make will wear and age a little bit differently and should be cared for accordingly. Sterling silver and fine silver will naturally oxidize when exposed to the elements. The silver can oxidize in a variety of shades of grey - sometimes appearing in beautiful faint colors; something like a desaturated oil slick. To many, this is a desired look  and often the reason for choosing this metal. Alternatively, some like it polished. If you wish for your silver to remain bright, the best way to care for the pieces are to seal them in a bag when they are not being worn. This will protect your jewelry from oxygen, the oxidizing agent. To brighten oxidized jewelry, we recommend using a jewelry polishing cloth impregnated with a cleaning agent. 

Bronze oxidizes similarly to silver. When you receive your new AOKO SU bronze jewelry, it will have a high polish and look similar to polished gold. If kept in a sealed container - or special jewelry bag that prevents oxidation, or tarnish - your bronze jewelry will remain bright and shiny. If exposed to humidity, the rate at which the metal oxidizes will speed up - rapidly. Again, this natural oxidizing process is desirable to some. One of the special things about these metals is that they are dynamic - just like us. They change with you. To brighten oxidized bronze, polish with a cloth and a polishing agent. Sometimes a heavier polish is necessary for bronze, but when polished, it will look brand new.

Gold and gold-fill wear very similarly. 14K gold and 14K gold-fill will not tarnish. To remove smudges and fingerprints, gently polish with a cloth. 14K gold-fill is a generous layer of gold applied over brass. If cared for properly, 14K gold-fill can last for more than a lifetime. This care entails keeping the jewelry away from harsh chemicals - including dish soap, and minimizing scratches.

Our jewelry is made of only the finest, consciously sourced materials. The materials used for each piece of jewelry are outlined in the description of the product in our online shop.